About One2pay

What is One2pay?
One2pay is a mobile wallet app developed by MOL. By adding funds into your One2pay account, you can use it to pay for your purchases, transfer money to your family and friends, request payment and cash out.

In terms of the product functionalities, what are the difference between MOLWallet and One2pay?
One2pay is a new name for MOLWallet. All features in MOLWallet app will continue to exist and available in the newly rebranded app (One2pay).

Why do you use the name One2pay?
MOL changed the name to One2pay because MOL wanted to highlight the key functionalities of the app, which is “Payment”. In addition, “One2” signifies ease- of- use (as in as easy as 1-2-3).

When will you start using the new brand name?
Effective 1st May 2017, we will start using the new brand name, One2pay.

One2Pay account registration

How do I register for an account?

  • Step one: Launch the One2pay mobile app.
  • Step two: Tap on the “Sign Up” button > Enter your mobile number > You will receive a one-time-passcode (OTP) > Enter the OTP to verify your mobile number.
  • Step three: Enter all the required information.
  • Step four: Your account is successfully created.

What is OTP?
One-time-passcode (OTP) is a unique 6-character code that can only be used once to verify your mobile number. MOL will send you the OTP via short message service (SMS)and you are required to key in the code in your One2pay app to verify your mobile number.

How long does it take for me to receive the OTP via the Short Message Service (SMS)?
Typically within a minute. However, the delivery time depends on your mobile service provider’s traffic volume.

How long before each OTP expires?
The expiry duration for each OTP is 2 minutes. When you request (and receive) a new code before the 2 minutes of expiry period, the previously requested OTP will be totally invalid.

What are the compulsory details that I should have during my registration? Are there any supporting documents required?
Before you can create an One2pay account, you are required to provide your full name (as per your ID), mobile number, email address, postal address, birthday, MyKad or passport number details.

How many accounts can I register?
Only one valid Malaysian mobile number can be registered for one One2pay account.

If I am a foreigner, can I register a One2pay account?
Yes you can, as long as you have a valid Malaysian mobile number and a valid passport.

Can I use a non-Malaysian mobile number to create an One2pay account?
No, you will not be able to. You must use a Malaysian mobile number to create an account and the mobile number must be registered under your name.

Can I use the same mobile number for two One2pay accounts?
No, you are not allowed.Only one (1) Malaysian mobile number is allowed to create a One2pay account.

Can I still use my existing account with my previous inactive number for transaction?
Yes you can, provided you are still the rightful owner of the mobile number. However, you are advised to change to a new mobile number details for your existing account.

Unlock my One2pay app features

Why can’t I access some of the app features?
Some of the app features are locked (not available) if you have not verified your MyKad or passports details with MOL.

How can I verify my MyKad or passport details to unlock the app features?
To do the verification, you need to snap a picture of your MyKad or passport using the One2pay app and submit the screenshot of the document to us. We will take up to 5 working days to verify your details. Once verified and approved, you will be able to unlock all the app features.

If I don’t verify my MyKad or passport, what are the limitations of my One2pay account?
Without the MyKad or passport verification, your account balance is limited to RM500. With MyKad or passport verification, your account balance limit can be increased to RM1500. The table below shows the accessibility of the app features.

Function Without MyKad or Passport Verification With MyKad or Passport Verification
Balance Limit RM 500.00 RM 1,500.00
Add Money PIN top-up and online banks PIN top-up and online banks
Buy Products In-app Yes Yes
Cash Out No Yes
Send Money Yes Yes
Request Money Yes Yes
Pay with Barcode Yes Yes

Why do I need to verify my MyKad or passport with MOL?
You are required to verify your identity and details in order to unlock all the app features and when you send us any customer related queries.

How can I reload my One2pay account?
You can purchase One2Pay PIN at any of the nearest 7-Eleven stores or use the online banking facilities to reload your One2pay account.

How often I can add funds in my One2pay account in a day?
You can add unlimited number of times and within the total account balance limit.

Can I add funds in different currencies?
With One2pay account, you can only add and receive in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR currency) at the moment.

What is the maximum total transaction amount per day?
The maximum total transaction amount per day is RM4500 (Four Thousand and Five Hundred Ringgit Malaysia). Transaction refers to payment, cash out and/or transferring money.

Can I cash out from my One2pay account?
Yes, you can. Go to My Account in your One2pay app and select Cash Out.

How often can I perform a cash out daily?
You can cash out for unlimited number of times and within the total account balance limit. However, you can only cash out a maximum of RM50 per transaction and a service fee of RM2.00 (inclusive 0% GST) is applied to each transaction.

Can I top- up MOLPoints into my MOL account using my One2pay account?
Yes, you can use your One2pay account to reload MOLPoints into your MOL account under the “Buy Games PIN” section in One2pay App.

How do I make a transaction on the merchant’s e-commerce or mobile app payments’ page?
From the merchant’s website, please select “One2pay” as your preferred payment option.

Do I need to pay to download One2pay app?
No, it’s free to download from Apple App Store and Google Play.

Does One2pay supports multiple device usage?
No, you will be logged- out automatically from your previous device upon signing- in with the same account in a different device.

Do you support international transactions?
At the moment we are not accepting any international transactions. However, we will update our users once this service will become available in the future.


How to ensure that my account is secure?

  • Make sure an auto-lock-screen appears after 1 minute of inactivity.
  • Passcode input is compulsory for every financial transaction.
  • It auto logs-outs after three failed attempts of passcode entry.
  • DO NOT click links in email messages. Type www.one2pay.co directly into your browser.
  • On the One2pay site, make sure you see the lock icon in the address bar.
  • NEVER EVER enter your Mobile Number and password in a non-One2pay app or website.
  • DO NOT share your Mobile Number and password to anyone.

Can One2pay store my banking or account details?
No, your banking credentials will stay secure and protected by your trusted bank and online banking security. One2pay app DOES NOT store any of your personal credentials like your online banking accounts or passwords

My account has been suspended. Can I reactivate my suspended account?
Yes, you can. You can email the following details to us at support@one2pay.co

  • A photocopy of your MyKad or passport
  • Your registered email address
  • Your registered mobile number

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